4 Reasons To Choose a Memory Foam Mattress Over Innerspring After Back Surgery

Definitely, there is no such thing as the “perfect” mattress for you. It is vital to choose a mattress that actually fits your natural sleeping posture and position. Sleeping on a wrong mattress can, for sure, lead to or worsen your back problem.

Before choosing a mattress, it is always essential to try it out for at least a week or month. In the past, this meant going to a big showroom, spend your precious time there, listen to an annoying salesman who can change your mindset in seconds, and finally buy a mattress that is comfortable for the salesperson.

Thanks to new technology and several mattress producers, you can now visit hundreds of websites, find the perfect mattress for yourself, order it with a warranty, try it for a week or so, and return the mattress if not comfortable. The best thing is you can return them with little or even no cost at all.

What to look in a mattress for back pain?

Mattresses are of different types, some could be too hard to sleep on, while others can give you a cozy and sweet sleep all night. What actually matters is whether it is comfortable for you or not. Now the question is how to choose the best mattress?

While you’re looking for a good foundation for your lower back, customers should keep in mind about their lumbar spine – Lumbar spine is a C shaped curve, that is the foundation of your lower back. Therefore, lumbar spine should be kept in mind for back pain.

Although, we were told that sleeping on hard mattresses, relaxes your body and provide you the right posture, the truth is, sleeping on soft mattresses provide back patients the right support and sleeping posture.

Which mattress is best innerspring or Memory foam mattresses?

In this section, we’ll be discussing the four major reasons to choose memory foam mattress over innerspring mattress.

Innerspring mattress

  • Innerspring mattresses are specially made to support kids’ growth. Kids mattress by Mattressify explains how different innerspring mattresses compare.
  • Innerspring mattresses have a firm upper layer, which is definitely not good for back pain patients
  • The spring cannot provide you the right posture as it makes you uncomfortable due to back pain.
  • The right support needed at the Lumbar spine, is not considered in innerspring mattresses in its production process.

Memory Foam Mattress

  • Memory foam mattresses are best in keeping the spine in alignment.
  • It provides the right support and pressure on the Lumbar spine.
  • Moreover, the mattresses provide its user with the right sleeping posture.
  • It’s not too hard or too soft as compared to other mattresses.

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for lower back pain, or any back pain, the Memory foam mattress is the best. It gives you the right alignment, support, sleeping posture and the perfect pressure to support your back.

Doctors recommend, luxury mattresses for  back pain patients, some of the best companies are: Saatva mattresses, The Helix Mattresses, Amerisleep revere mattresses, and the bear Mattresses. You can easily find them on their official company’s website or on Amazon and other popular sites. These mattresses might be heavy on your pocket, however, they will give you a great relief for the next 10 years.